Terms of Service

Terms and conditions for the tour guide iolo Williams

1. Validity

1.1. These terms and conditions apply in the relationship between the tour guide (hereinafter: FF) and

the client (hereinafter: AG).

1.2. These terms and conditions apply without restriction to AGs who are entrepreneurs. Is the

AG consumers within the meaning of Section 1 Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act apply

General terms and conditions insofar as this law does not provide otherwise.

1.3. If the AG does not use the AG's services for itself, but for third parties

Persons (in a row: participants) books, 1.1 applies. In this case, undertakes

the AG, the participants to comply with the points of the GTC that concern them

to guide.

2. Conclusion of the contract

2.1. A booking request to the FF can be sent by email, web form, telephone or

Post. After receiving the request, the client receives a written

Order confirmation to be signed by the client or online as a binding one

Order is to be confirmed. This creates the contract.

2.2. If the AG is a consumer and the booking request is made

via the web form, the client hereby declares that the information provided there is in accordance with

Distance and Foreign Business Act (FAGG), in particular in Sections 4 and 8 FAGG,

to have taken note of.

3. Service content / restriction of service

3.1. The content of the services owed by the FF results from the written

Order confirmation that the latter has sent or handed over to the client.

3.2. In the absence of such an express agreement, the FF will take over

the AG, an agent authorized by the AG or the participants on site

To agree on the content of the tour.

3.3. If no specific services have been agreed, the FF will be its own

Discretion of the content of the services within an agreed time,

Determine the local and content framework.

3.4. As far as the FF works that are protected by copyright within the scope of its services

presents or uses titles, the AG undertakes to use them as a result

not to violate the resulting rights.

3.5. The FF is entitled to exclude individual participants from its services,

to cancel or break off the tour if the service is provided for the

FF, for example because of the behavior of participants or excessive

Alcohol consumption is unreasonable.

3.6. Due to a higher risk or weather-related (e.g. black ice, flood, storm

or weather warnings) the FF can limit the services, according to its own

Change discretion or cancel it entirely.

4. Pay

4.1. The remuneration owed for the provision of the services under point 3 results

from the written order confirmation.

4.2. If no express fee regulation has been made, an appropriate one applies

Fee as agreed. Appropriate remuneration applies to services in

In case of doubt, Upper Austria usually provided by Viennese tourist guides

The fee charged by the Association of Vienna Tourist Guides annually in

In the course of his survey among his members


4.3. The FF is entitled to pay in advance after sending the written

To invoice the order confirmation and its services from the

Make payment of the bill dependent. Otherwise the fee is

in any case due after the end of the tour and, in the absence of any other agreement, cash

and to be paid without deduction.

4.4. The agreed fee is to be understood as net. If the FF is subject to sales tax,

so he has to inform the client about this in the context of the order confirmation. In the event of

If the FF is liable for sales tax, the AG has the agreed remuneration net

plus sales tax to be paid, unless due

different rules apply to intra-community exceptions.

4.5. If the FF is a small business within the meaning of Section 6 (1) No. 27 of the Sales Tax Act, then

he must also notify the client of this in the context of the order confirmation.

4.6. If the service is not performed for reasons under 3.5., 3.6. or 6.1. fall to 2nd,

this does not affect the amount of the agreed fee.

5. Cancellation conditions

5.1. The AG does not have to pay the FF any cancellation fee if a written

Notification of the cancellation no later than 7 days before the agreed

Appointment arrives at the FF.

5.2. If the AG cancels between 7 and 1 days before the agreed date, then is

Cancellation fee to pay half of the agreed fee.

5.3. If the client cancels less than 1 day before the agreed tour date, it is

to pay the full agreed fee.

5.4. The day of cancellation and the agreed service day count for the calculation of the deadline

to. The receipt of the is always decisive for the calculation of the deadline

Cancellation at the FF.

5.5. The cancellation fees are flat-rate penalties that are independent of

Negligence or damage that has actually occurred are to be paid.

5.6. The cancellation fee is payable separately for each canceled tour


5.7. The FF is entitled to the agreed service no later than 1 day before

to cancel the agreed appointment, especially if a

The minimum number of 10 participants is not reached.

6. Schedule adherence

6.1. In the event of a delay on the part of the client or the participants, the client or his

The authorized representative is obliged to inform the FF immediately for the expected duration

of the delay, especially if the duration is expected to be 30

Minutes. The waiting time of the FF is included in the duration of the tour


6.2. If no information is given up to 60 minutes after the agreed start of the tour

according to point 6.1., the FF is not obliged to wait any longer. The FF is from

relieved of his obligation to perform and his claim to remuneration consists in this case in

full height.

6.3. The client and the participants are obliged to spend at least 60 minutes on their part

to wait the FF in case of delay. The AG is obliged to

To inform participants about this waiting obligation.

6.4. The client or an authorized representative will instruct the participants who

temporal (e.g. return times, ...) and organizational information (e.g. filing of

dangerous objects, umbrellas, keeping the group together,

Compliance with public order and house rules, carrying

Identification, avoidance of danger spots ...) of the FF must be observed.

7. Representation and power of attorney

7.1. In the event of an unavoidable hindrance, the FF is entitled to give a professional

to arrange suitable and authorized replacement. The AG or the

Inform participants immediately.

7.2. The FF is entitled to give parts of the planned tour to other people

subcontracted (e.g. museum, gardens, zoo etc) and has power of attorney to

Invoice of the client and in his name also admissions, trips, meals,

Arrange demonstrations, performances or other events and

to book.

8. Liability

8.1. Before the start of the tour, the FF will explain the content and the process of the tour.

Should the AG or a participant in the tour have concerns that they will participate in the

Leadership or parts of it, for example due to personal restrictions

cannot or do not want to participate or only to a limited extent, they have the FF

to inform immediately. The assessment of whether the AG or the participants

are able to take a lead based on their own (physical) constitution,

is incumbent on each client and participant themselves. With the conclusion of the contract, the client declares that

Planned route for the guided tour independently and without physical help from the FF

to be able to cope with or explained that the participants he has placed

are able to do so.

8.2. The FF is not a sports instructor. Especially when the leadership is under

Use of vehicles (bicycles, Segways or the like) or others

Sports equipment takes place, the client declares that he and the mediated by him

Participants can operate these devices adequately after brief instruction on the FF


8.3. A liability of the FF for damage to the client or participants resulting from a

Consumption of food or drinks during the tour result

(especially when participating in tastings or the like) is

locked out.

8.4. The FF is not liable for a (partial) thwarting or unplanned

Interruption or delay in the tour if the reason for this is not in

his sphere lies (weather, surprising construction works, ...). The FF is entitled

to abort or cancel the tour if it is safe to conduct or

In his view, termination of the tour is not reasonably possible.

8.5. There is a risk that a possible onward journey will be delayed after the tour

exclusively for the client and the participants. A liability of the FF for any

Damage resulting therefrom is excluded, provided that the FF is not at fault


8.6. The FF is not the organizer of a trip within the meaning of § 31b KSchG.

8.7. The AG and the participants will comply with the provisions of copyright law

Note the guides. Targeted film and sound recordings by the FF during the

Guided tours are prohibited without the consent of the FF.

9. Final provisions

9.1. The place of fulfillment of the contract is the place where the tour is carried out


9.2. Place of jurisdiction for disputes arising from this contract or in connection with

this is the seat of the FF.

9.3. The application of Austrian law is expressly agreed.