Discovering new places together is fun!

We at iolo Tours have traveled a lot (before Corona) and paid money to be entertained by a guide.
We've been on tours where the date and history were delivered in a very dry and uninspiring way.

Here at iolo Tours we try to present the amazing country of Austria in a very informal, informative and entertaining way. Our philosophy is that you will remember it on an excursion - maybe because you sang songs in a castle in the middle of nowhere, maybe you danced a waltz on the banks of the Danube, maybe you swam into Alake in the Alps ......
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Who is behind iolo Tours?

Who are iolo Tours?

Iolo Tours was set up in 2019 by me – iolo Williams (yes my name really is iolo, as it says on my birth certificate).

I was born and raised in Wales and my first language is Welsh. At the age of 10 I learnt English. I lived for some time in Northern Portugal (30 years ago) and used to speak perfect Portuguese. Nowadays I need to practice – I still understand it perfectly though. As I am now in Austria I speak semi decent German.

I grew up in a little village in the middle of nowhere and as such had to talk to everyone. I lived and worked in a pub for 5 years of my life – this pub went on to win the best Freehouse in Britain´during my time there due to the hospitality of the staff – we must have been doing something right.

I moved into the construction industry and after studying Civil Engineering in University of Glamorgan. I progressed through my career to become project manager on multi million projects but found there was something missing.

I am a people person, meeting, talking to, having fun with people – that´s what I enjoy the most.

I moved to Austria in 2016, studied and passed the Austria Guide qualification (all in German, probably the most difficult thing I have ever done) and now live the life of my dreams showcasing what this amazing country has to offer.

Why Austria? The main reason is that Austrian people are friendly, warm and fun to be around. The weather is great – sunny days and great snow in winter. Great mountain biking, great skiing, amazing mountains, amazing architecture, vivid history…………… You might notice that I totally live this place. I would rather show you personally so come along on one of my tours.

Languages & Certificates


2021 is here and we have to look forward to going out and enjoying the finer things in life. What could be nicer than going on tour with www.iolotours.com. As soon as the Corona lock is over, come with us. Please be very careful when booking tours in Austria. Only go on tours if the guide has completed and passed the Austria Guide accreditation. As guides, we went through very difficult training and had to pass 3 tough exams in front of an examination board to be approved by the government. The training can last up to 700 hours and be conducted on topics such as Austrian history, art history, Austrian traditions, Austrian weather, industry, food, wines, beer and many more guides. These are not easy exams. We will be tested orally, we will have to take a hands-on test on a bus and on foot, and we will have to know the legality of a guide, including running a business from an accounting point of view. What does this mean for you as a guest? This means that you are guaranteed that the information you are given is correct and that your guide has the skills and knowledge to deliver that information clearly and accurately. The guide is trained in first aid and trained in providing professional service. They are self-employed and this is their livelihood. If your guide is unable to produce the Austria Guide license, they may be working illegally telling you what they want and keeping their income away from the helmsman. The quality of their knowledge can be very questionable. We at www.iolotours.com only provide approved Austria Guides. See you soon


English - mother tongue

Welsh - mother tongue

German - very good

Portuguese - good